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작성자 Daniel Hsiao        
작성일 2013-01-18 (금) 16:55
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Modified Tapioca Starch and market devel
Dear Sir:

Good Day.

I learn your company from website.  My company is mainly focus on all kind of starch, especially modified tapioca starch.  

We, Rikkei Trading Corp., are specializing for trading starch and purchasing window of our group which is the diversified food manufacturer in both Taiwan and China market.  Rikkei Trading Corp is also exclusively for two starch factories under Starpro (Thailand) sales around the world. If you need to have a further understanding about our group, please kindly visit our website: www.tinghsin.com
Starpro (Thailand) is operating in 2011.  All facilities are special designed for high quality food grade modified starch only.  Starpro (Thailand) is mainly focus on Cross-Linked, Acetylated modified tapioca starch.  Starpor (Thailand) is not only mainly produce Starpro brand but also provide customize and OEM opinion for customers to have wider products selection.  Starpro (Thailand) has own R&D center to provide recipe suggestion, new product development and analysis product in the market.  

Rikkei Trading major target is to seek any possible opportunity to find long term business relationship for end-users or distributors.  If you were interesting in our product/company and hope to have further business relationship with us, please feel free to contact with us.    

Your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.  In order to have easier communication, please find my contact information as follows:

Thank you

Best regards,

Daniel Hsiao

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